Eric Newberg, ASA, MAAA


A consulting actuary for 35+ years, Eric applies his experience, creativity, and tenacity to help life and annuity clients across the insurance industry.  His expertise includes product design and pricing, statutory and GAAP valuations, asset adequacy analysis, experience analysis, strategic planning, actuarial appraisals, and due diligence investigations.  Clients range from rapidly growing start-ups to established multi-billion dollar enterprises.  Having recently served as Appointed Actuary for 10 life insurance companies and fraternal benefit societies, responsibilities extend to boards of directors, management teams, and regulators, while advocating the client’s best interests.  His leadership role centers on ensuring that the firm he co-founded, now in its 30th year, maintains “command of what we do” by deploying individual qualities within the team.  His passion centers on faith fused with a positive attitude and profound energy.


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