We are Happy to Associate with Alex

In the U.S., only 1 person per 10,000 people has earned a credential from the Society of Actuaries.  At Miller & Newberg, we are very pleased to announce that another one of our team members, Alex Hill, is now a member of that elite group, having achieved the designation of Associate of the Society of Actuaries.


Alex has been with Miller & Newberg his entire career, having joined us shortly after graduating from the University of Nebraska in 2015.   Alex provides support to a variety of our client companies.  For example, he builds and maintains the full-company asset and liability models for three of our client fraternal benefit societies.  This allows him to perform the cash flow testing / asset adequacy analysis on those societies, which is some of the most complex actuarial work there is.


With Alex having obtained this designation, Miller & Newberg now has 9 credentialed actuaries:  7 Fellows of the Society of Actuaries (FSA’s, the top actuarial credential) and 2 Associates of the Society of Actuaries (ASA’s).


Like FSA’s, ASA’s are qualified to join the American Academy of Actuaries, whereupon they are recognized by regulators as having the necessary education, experience, and expertise in order to certify reserve figures, asset adequacy analyses, and all other actuarial items that a regulator would rely upon to evaluate the financial strength of an insurance company or fraternal benefit society.


Congratulations on this very significant professional achievement, Alex!